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Sustainability Summit 2018: Water: Currents. Cycles. Convergence

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Water (n.): a resource, a risk, a livelihood, a right.

Complex and changing, water is an interweaving force in human society. From energy and infrastructure to agriculture and public health, almost all industries and sectors interact with water in some capacity. Yet, as with any natural element, water poses risks and challenges that become more severe with extreme weather changes, rising populations, and increasing urbanization (just to name a few).

The goal of Sustainability Summit 2018 is to take the same multidimensional approach as in the previous summits to identify and discuss the more pressing issues, trends, synergies, and challenges to ideate achievable and lasting solutions for one of the world’s more critical sustainability concerns: WATER. Policymakers, Industry movers, Business leaders, NGO Professionals and Academia will be brought together in a dynamic moderated forum to discuss the more prevalent issues involving Water as it relates to: Scarcity and Wastage, Energy, Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Public Health.

Sustainability Summit 2017: Systems. Synergy. Solutions

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The world is facing unprecedented challenges in dealing with critical issues related to sustainability. Multiple stakeholders with various interests and agendas further challenge the ability to effect change at a substantial scale. The world is dynamic and interconnected and we need to understand how initiatives, policies and business decisions integrate and impact the world we live in. It is about time to break linear and reductionist thinking so we can solve multi-dimensional issues.

Picking up from last year’s Sustainable Enterprise Summit, the goal of Sustainability Summit 2017 is to be able to view sustainability issues from different sectors as part of a system, understand how they interrelate and affect each other over time, and identify solutions and opportunities that can be implemented collaboratively.

The Sustainability Summit 2017 will highlight the importance of synergistic efforts in creating sustainable solutions.

Sustainability Summit 2016: People. Planet. Profit

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Organized by Enderun Extension and JCI Manila, The Sustainable Enterprise Summit gathered some entrepreneurs, business professionals, companies, students, and educators interested in supporting sustainable start-up and established enterprises. All over the world, companies are integrating principles of sustainability in their management strategies, product designs, facility construction and operations, personnel development, and community engagement, in response to the global call for sustainable development. Therefore, Following the “People. Planet. Profit.” theme, this summit aims to encourage more businesses to engage in sustainable practices while maintaining their profitability by helping protect the environment and improve the lives of society.

This online seminar will allow the subscribers to hear from some of the top corporations in the country regarding their strategies and challenges, and the inspiring success stories in their respective sustainability journeys. They will also learn from industry experts who are in the fields of clean fuels and renewable energy about the most current industry trends and innovative technologies as well as learn more about the progression in green buildings and sustainable communities. Topics such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability strategies, industry trends, sustainable best practices in the corporate sector, establishing a business with a purpose and the ins and outs of social entrepreneurship will be discussed.