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Data Privacy Summit: The Hands-on of Data Protection Compliance

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Enderun Conferences’ Data Privacy Summit 2018: The Hands-on of Data Protection Compliance answers vital questions for key stakeholders in the data privacy arena.

Philippine technology players are in the midst of a dynamic discussion on individual data protection, regulation, and compliance to local and international laws. For most, thriving in an age post-Cambridge Analytica / Facebook controversy means having People, Processes, and Privacy-enhancing technologies installed in the corporate machinery.

The Data Privacy Summit 2018 brings first degree advisory, analysis and insight by Data Privacy Professionals who have designed laws, overseen rules and regulation and implemented Data Privacy Programs locally, regionally and internationally.

What can be gained in this new regulatory environment? What are the enterprise risks caused by non-compliance? The summit closes in on three discussion clusters that matter most to the privacy policy gatekeeper:

  • People
  • The DPO Certification: Relevance, Tracks, and Career Opportunities
  • Frontline Stories, Philippine Case Studies, and Real World Compliance
  • A Word from the Regulators
  • Processes
  • Conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • The Most High Profile Data Breaches and the How-to’s of Breach Drills
  • What to expect from a Privacy Audit
  • A Comprehensive end-to-end Roadmap
  • Privacy-enabling Technologies
  • Blockchain
  • GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) Software
  • Embedded Hardware (printers, ultrasound machines, etc.)

The summit gathers chief technology officers, corporate legal counsels, investor relations professionals, operations managers, and potential compliance officers who are determined to future-proof their businesses and professional practice.

Fintech and Blockchain Innovation

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Fintech is where money meets technology.  And the latest brilliant technology on everyone’s radar is Blockchain, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the many emerging alternative coins, whose collective market value is over 300 Billion USD!

DTS2018: Fintech & Blockchain Innovation Summit is assembling expert keynote speakers and panelists who will enlighten and equip you with the knowledge you need to thrive in the digitally transforming world of finance.  Join us as we survey the local, regional and global Fintech innovation and startup scene, as well as explore how the large established enterprises are adapting.

The Summit will also explore how Blockchain is being used more broadly in diverse fields from supply chain to healthcare.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the drivers of digital transformation of the Finance industry.
  • Survey innovations from the rapid growing field of Fintech companies.
  • Understand Blockchain and its applications.
  • Learn about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Alt-coins and how they’re disrupting business models.
  • Be up-to-date on Fintech innovations here in the Philippines, and abroad.
  • Expand your network of contacts in the Fintech space and forge critical partnerships.

Big Data Analytics Summit 2017: Big Data Made Simple

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Enderun Colleges and Global Chamber® Manila proudly present the next event in their Digital Transformation Series, entitled “Big Data & Analytics Summit 2017”.

This year’s theme is “Big Data Made Simple”.

“Data is the new Oil” is the new mantra, and for good reason! The past decade has seen an amazing transformation of business. The top 5 largest listed companies by market capitalization are all from the IT sector: Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook.  Contrast that with just five years ago when the list was dominated by energy and financial sector players.

These companies, who have now achieved global dominance, have one thing in common. They have mastery over data. The lesson: to thrive in business today, you must constantly innovate, and you must up-skill yourself and your team in understanding data through analytics.

Big Data Analytics Summit 2016: Making Big Data and Analytics Work for you

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On 15th of November 2016, Enderun Colleges, together with Global Chamber® Manila is organizing its 1st Data Science Conference entitled “Big Data Analytics Conference 2016” with a theme of “Making Big Data and Analytics Work for You.”

Join us and dive into the deep world of Big Data Analytics as we gather 300+ attendees from the business, government and public sector, technical, and academic communities to discuss the trends, tools and opportunities big data analytics delivers in your respective fields. Industry experts from all over the Philippines will openly share their best practices and insights that will deck you out to become future leaders in a data-driven environment.

The conference will tackle topics ranging from leveraging big data analytics, new business models and opportunities, empowering marketing through data, to understanding what the future holds for big data in the country.